Tempe Community Outreach

Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors was formed to provide assistance to low income and frail Tempe residents who could not maintain or stay in their own homes without help. TNHN seeks to provide such residents with volunteers who will assist with yard and landscape maintenance, minor home repair and minor modifications. By providing assistance, volunteers will help residents maintain their home's appearance, safety, accessibility and quality of life.

  1. Purpose
    1. By assisting residents with yard and landscape maintenance, neighborhood blight and deterioration will be reduced while raising awareness of programs and services available. Residences will be brought up to code; homeowners will avoid being cited for violations and other legal enforcement actions.
    2. Helping residents with minor home repairs to correct health and safety hazards or restore things to proper working order. Allowing elderly and low income to get minor home repairs for the cost of supplies only.
    3. By making minor home modifications we increase the safety of the home living environment and increase the accessibility for the elderly homeowner to continue to live independently and accomplish tasks more easily.
  2. Activities
    1. Examples of work but not limited to; clean up and removal of debris around the home, free up painted windows, replace / clean filters, repair/clean gutters, fix/clean windows, repair steps and rails, install a grab bar, install smoke detectors, install/repair screens, repair holes in dry wall, secure loose interiors tiles, weatherization, caulking, replace/repair electrical outlets, faucets, light fixtures, deadbolts and locks and more.
  3. Support
    1. TNHN seeks to raise funds to support its efforts by soliciting donations in Arizona from the general public, corporate sponsors and charitable support organizations as well as grants from governmental and private sources.
    2. TNHN seeks volunteers of all ages to share their various skills and talents to help with maintenance, minor home repair & modifications, fundraising and other areas of support.
    3. TNHN seeks to work with local businesses for supplies and materials needed for maintenance, repair and modifications.
  4. Criteria
    1. Low income Tempe residents, over 65 years old or with a confirmed disability, meet income guidelines, only owner occupied dwellings. All utilities must be functioning. Resident is responsible for cost of supplies although assistance may be available if a need exists.